Lots and lots of recording going on this past month.  I am wrapping up tracking the new AEGES record which has been super fun.  Trying out a bunch of different mics on the instruments to try and capture a slightly different sound… it’s working, hallelujah! Once we wrap recording, Matt Hyde (deftones, slayer, no doubt) is gonna mix it and make it POP, so stoked.

I took Cone (sum 41) and Todd Morse ( Toddsplanet, h2o) into the studio the other day to help the wrap up the new Operation MD track.  We tracked some acoustics, vocals and extra guitars, sounding really rad.

Speaking of TODDSPLANET, we’re working on a new jam for everyone right now that should hopefully be released to the public soon. The video has been shot and we’re just tightening the edges now.



Kemble Walters, Cone McCaslin, Todd Morse

Kemble Walters, Cone McCaslin, Todd Morse

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