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introducing the SWEATBOX sessions live from the LIONS DEN

Here’s the first of many fully live jams that ÆGES did at our rehearsal spot in Downtown Los Angeles.  Music mixed/mastered by yours truly, video editing by Mike Land.  Keep up with all the sessions at Studio version available on “The Bridge”: ENJOY! ÆGES – Southern Comfort – Live From Downtown LA  

Movie Scores, Record Mastering, Married Life & SXSW

Yup, all that happened in the span of just a few days! It’s been a fast 2 weeks for me but I can’t complain.  I scored a rad short film, mastered a record from Singapore, got married to an amazing women and took ÆGES to SXSW and back without gettin too sick or worn out. SUCCESS! Now I’m back home wrapping up the ÆGES mixes with Matt Hyde (Monster Magnet, Deftones, No Doubt, Slayer) and they’re sounding awesome.  Time to hit the ground running, LET’S DO SOME WORK!


Lots and lots of recording going on this past month.  I am wrapping up tracking the new AEGES record which has been super fun.  Trying out a bunch of different mics on the instruments to try and capture a slightly different sound… it’s working, hallelujah! Once we wrap recording, Matt Hyde (deftones, slayer, no doubt) is gonna mix it and make it POP, so stoked. I took Cone (sum 41) and Todd Morse ( Toddsplanet, h2o) into the studio the other day to help the wrap up the new Operation MD track.  We tracked some acoustics, vocals and extra guitars, sounding really rad. Speaking of TODDSPLANET, we’re working on a new jam for everyone right now that should hopefully be released to the public soon. The video has been shot and we’re just tightening the edges now. MUSIC EVERYWHERE. #party

ÆGES video premiere of “PARASITE”

So it’s finally out! About time right!? The latest ÆGES single “PARASITE” has had it’s video debut via Guitar World, go here and check it out:

Happy New Years!

Wow, what a year 2013 was! I had the pleasure of working with some amazing bands, playing some amazing shows, drinking some amazing brews, and to cap it off AEGES played the Roxy New Years Eve show with Camp Freddy (Dave Navarro, Josh Freese, Chris Chaney, Linda Perry, Mark McGrath, Courtney Love, Billy Morrison and more); there’s nothing like rocking into 2014! AEGES is working on our 2nd full length and have some great stuff lined up for it.  We will be in ATX for SXSW this year as well as more tour dates to follow.  Keep checking back, I promise to update this more frequently… there’s ALOT I need to tell you all! Happy 2014, xoxox Kemble Walters

Updates updates updates!!!

Whoa how time flies!!! Man! I haven’t posted anything on here for ages, sorry about that.  Things have been pretty rad on my end.  I’ve worked with some killer bands, made some sweet records, played some great shows and haven’t stopped spinning that wheel. My band AEGES has recently released our new single PARASITE via vinyl 7′ as well as digital retailers, the song slays if ya ask me  We have just wrapped the video, shot, directed and edited by Arian of MODSHIFT, looks great, can’t wait for you to see it! Oh did I mention We tracked it at CANSHAKER studios and I mixed it a casa de Walters aka THE CLOSET LA, stoked. Other records / eps /singles I’ve done recently are: PELICAN 7″ – engineered/mixed @ CANSHAKER /THE CLOSET LA San Angelus – produced/engineered @ CANSHAKER /THE CLOSET LA Hidden Amongst Us – vocal production – CANSHAKER – currently being mixed by Matt Hyde (Monster Magnet / ASG) TODDSPLANET (H2O, Offspring, Juliette & the LIcks) - engineered/mixed/mastered @ CANSHAKER /THE CLOSET LA And many many more! Here’s the recent TODDSPLANET video for the cover of Back In Black we did recently, slays! TODDSPLANET – Back IN Black

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