Updates updates updates!!!

Whoa how time flies!!! Man! I haven’t posted anything on here for ages, sorry about that.  Things have been pretty rad on my end.  I’ve worked with some killer bands, made some sweet records, played some great shows and haven’t stopped spinning that wheel.

My band AEGES has recently released our new single PARASITE via vinyl 7′ as well as digital retailers, the song slays if ya ask me 😉  We have just wrapped the video, shot, directed and edited by Arian of MODSHIFT, looks great, can’t wait for you to see it! Oh did I mention We tracked it at CANSHAKER studios and I mixed it a casa de Walters aka THE CLOSET LA, stoked.

Other records / eps /singles I’ve done recently are:

PELICAN 7″ – engineered/mixed @ CANSHAKER /THE CLOSET LA

San Angelus – produced/engineered @ CANSHAKER /THE CLOSET LA

Hidden Amongst Us – vocal production – CANSHAKER – currently being mixed by Matt Hyde (Monster Magnet / ASG)

TODDSPLANET (H2O, Offspring, Juliette & the LIcks) – engineered/mixed/mastered @ CANSHAKER /THE CLOSET LA

And many many more!

Here’s the recent TODDSPLANET video for the cover of Back In Black we did recently, slays!


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